As Planned, DJI Launches Local Data Mode for Increased Privacy

DJI has rolled out its previously announced local data mode, which allows drone operators to stop sending or receiving data over the internet.

According to the company, the new local data mode will be available in the next update on the DJI Pilot app on CrystalSky and for select Android tablets. The feature adds an additional layer of security for operators of flights involving, for example, critical infrastructure or governmental projects.

Drone operators can enable local data mode by opening the DJI Pilot app; clicking on “Activate LDM Mode”; and entering a password, which will be required to deactivate the mode when they decide to go online again.

New drones will still have to be activated first by logging into the user’s DJI account with an email and a password. To ensure the drone has the latest firmware, users can download and update it while they have internet connectivity before re-activating local data mode.

“DJI has moved to address customer needs by developing local data mode to provide enhanced data management options,” says Walter Stockwell, DJI’s director of technical standards. “We are pleased to be able to develop local data mode as part of our drive to advocate for our customers’ interests.”

DJI notes that the new feature may not be available in locations where an internet connection is required or highly advisable due to local regulations. More information on the feature can be read here.


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