Measure Rolls out Another Turnkey Drone Solution for Renewable Energy Inspections

Drone as a Service company Measure has added turnkey wind farm inspections to its portfolio of aerial data collection solutions.

According to the Washington, D.C.-headquartered company, wind farm operators can outsource preventive maintenance inspections to Measure’s drone pilots and data analysts for problem identification on turbines. The service helps avert critical turbine failures and efficiency losses while reducing repair downtime and its associated revenue impact, the company says.

According to Measure, the turnkey package spans all inspection and reporting functions, including drone equipment; safe and insured flights by experienced drone pilots; data processing that pinpoints both blade damage and severity; and damage reports and analytics, available through a secure, online portal.

“Our global wind portfolio is currently 1,033 MW with 877 MW in the U.S. alone,” comments Adam Brown, U.S. drone program lead at The AES Corp., a Fortune 200 global power company and a Measure partner. “Knowing the health of our wind assets is essential for us to provide reliable power to our customers. Using drones to inspect the blades and towers makes it safer for our people, as they can stay firmly on the ground while still being able to inspect, at scale, hundreds of wind turbines to ensure they have the highest availability.”

Measure’s new wind farm inspection solution expands the company’s services in the renewable energy sector; in July, the service company also rolled out a suite of solutions for the solar industry.

Just yesterday, Measure announced its first franchise location, which will open on Sept. 25 in Springfield, Ill. Earlier this month, the company welcomed Penny Pritzker, who previously served as U.S. secretary of commerce under the Obama administration, as a board member.


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