Apollo Robotics Launches Early Access for New Drone Surveying Solution

Source: Apollo Robotics

Ventura, Calif.-based Apollo Robotics, a provider of autonomous drone solutions for land surveying, has announced the availability of early access with its development partner program.

The new program is designed to deliver a fully automated surveying platform for professionals. By combining LiDAR, HD and thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo can quickly digitize and reconstruct worksites into a highly accurate 3D model from a single scan, the company explains.

Apollo says it has secured more than $2 million in pre-order purchase commitments and is now launching the program for qualified industry participants.

These participants can purchase the Apollo Surveyor Version 1 drone solution for $53,800 with FlightService mission planning software. The program is offered to the first 25 commercial applicants to qualify. Other benefits for development partners include free delivery and training, free software upgrades, and reduced subscription rates for data platform services.

“For the past three years, our team, working in stealth mode, has studied the surveyors’ challenges and bootstrapped a disruptive and affordable solution that is tailored to achieve scalable digital transformation of the surveyor’s business model,” says Rob Cammack, CEO of Apollo Robotics. “This experience has allowed us to fully grasp the very needs of lead practitioners and develop a compelling, user-friendly solution to most challenges of today’s surveyors. Today, our Version 1 platform enables the digitization of an entire worksite, integrating mission-critical capabilities to deliver an affordable, surveyor friendly, full-stack solution.”

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