Ouster Releases 32-Channel LiDAR Sensor


Ouster Inc., a provider of high-resolution LiDAR sensors, is introducing the OS1-32, a rugged, compact, 32-channel sensor.

With a range of 120 meters, the OS1-32 maintains the smallest form factor and lowest weight of any commercially available high-resolution LiDAR sensor on the market, the company says.

“Higher resolution sensors at an affordable price are critical for moving computer vision from simple obstacle avoidance to more advanced perception, and for moving projects from R&D to commercial viability,” says Ouster CEO and co-founder Angus Pacala. “The OS1-32 gives customers what they ask for the most: higher resolution at an affordable price.”

In addition to the release of the OS1-32, Ouster is introducing a new modular radial cap, enabling custom mounting solutions of OS1-series sensors. The OS1 continues to ship with the familiar radial fin cap design required for standalone operation. For customers who wish to create their own custom integration for drone-based applications, Ouster will share mechanical and thermal design requirements to maintain safe, reliable and performant sensor operation.

Ouster is now accepting OS1-32 orders, with the first sensors shipping in late November, and is priced at $8,000 for commercial applications (with volume pricing available) and $6,000 for non-profit university research.

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