Agribotix Launches QVu Software for Enhancing Drone Scouting in the Field

Boulder, Colo.-based Agribotix has launched QVu First Results, an addition to its FarmLens analytics software for agricultural drone operators.

According to Agribotix, a QVu report is produced in minutes at the surveyed field’s edge – even in locations with no cell or internet connection. The operator can validate the quality of the drone data and check problem areas as revealed by the drone flight.

“The QVu First Results are a preliminary version of the final results that are produced by the cloud-based QVu to ensure that it will allow an operator to locate and, if desired, ground truth the major issues shortly after landing their drone,” explains Tom McKinnon, chief technology officer of Agribotix. “The operator can add any photos or notes taken in the field to the Guided Scouting report in FarmLens.”

QVu is available to all FarmLens subscribers using an Agribotix Agrion agricultural drone and most unmodified drones manufactured by DJI. It requires a laptop or tablet running Microsoft Windows, says Agribotix.

Marlon Martinez from Fertica Panamá, an agrochemical distributor, says, “Our drone operators with QVu can service many more fields per day. We used to dispatch them to a field twice – once to run the drone and another time to scout. With the QVu results, we can typically perform the drone flight and scouting in a single visit.”


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