Sentera Double 4K Sensor, Meet the DJI Phantom 4

Sentera has announced the availability of its Double 4K precision agriculture sensor on the DJI Phantom 4 Professional, Advanced and Standard drones.

According to the company, the offering provides Double 4K quality at entry-level pricing – expanding late-season data collection options for agronomists, crop consultants and growers.

“We’ve experienced tremendous demand for our Double 4K Sensor during the first half of the 2017 North American growing season. We are excited to extend compatibility to the popular Phantom 4 drone family – just as critical, late-season applications are being calculated,” says Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera. “This solution gives ag professionals more control over their data capture than ever before, offering multiple configuration options on an easy-to-use platform.”

By retaining the full functionality of the DJI Phantom 4 stock camera while integrating the versatile Sentera Double 4K sensor onto the commercial drone, ag professionals can capture more data in a single flight, according to Sentera.

For the Phantom 4, Sentera will offer the Double 4K Sensor in two different configurations: five-band multispectral (blue, green, red, red edge and near-infrared) and precision normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) plus precision normalized difference red edge (NDRE).

All data is compatible with Sentera’s AgVault web, mobile, and desktop software, integrating the Double 4K data with all major digital agriculture platforms, the company notes.

Existing Phantom 4 Professional, Advanced or Standard drones can be sent directly to a Sentera-authorized reseller for modification. Producers who want to obtain a new Phantom 4 Professional drone with an installed Sentera Double 4K Sensor can purchase an integrated system directly through Sentera’s dealer network.


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