New Partnership Focuses on Simplifying Drone Mapping Data for Growers

In order to help growers more easily capture field maps and analyze aerial data, DroneDeploy, a cloud software platform for commercial drones, has integrated with agX, a Platform as a Service for data structure and management for the agricultural industry.

Thanks to the partnership, agX users can exchange field boundaries between DroneDeploy and other agX-compliant applications – allowing them to centrally store, access and share the data.

In the future, agX and DroneDeploy plan to integrate further to allow the sharing of drone images from DroneDeploy to agX.

“This integration will provide agX users an efficient method of combining high-quality UAV imagery from DroneDeploy with other agronomic data to assist in decision-making that can add to a grower’s bottom line,” says Shawn Peterson, business development lead at agX. “Integrating quality imagery into an operation brings tremendous value by showing the varying conditions of the crop throughout the field. We are excited DroneDeploy will join the platform to offer imagery solutions that bring value to UAV applications.”

“DroneDeploy makes it fast and easy for growers to capture aerial data,” adds Scott Lumish, vice president of business development at DroneDeploy, “and integrations with tools like agX help growers turn that data into action.”


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