DARTdrones Prepares Project Lifesaver Agencies for UAV Ops

Project Lifesaver International (PLI) and DARTdrones have announced a formal partnership through which DARTdrones will provide comprehensive training and preparation to PLI member agencies for commercial drone operations.

Specifically, DARTdrones will provide preparation for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 test to PLI member agencies undergoing certifications for the implementation of the PLI Indago unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The PLI Indago is a military-grade quadcopter designed specifically for the search and rescue of special needs populations with cognitive disorders who are prone to wandering, including individuals with autism or Alzheimer’s disease.

PLI is a community-based, public safety, nonprofit organization that provides first responders and caregivers with equipment and training to protect and quickly locate individuals.

The PLI Indago UAV was developed by Lockheed Martin and Loen Engineering in an effort to aid PLI member agencies by substantially expanding search coverage while significantly decreasing recovery times and costs.

“Drone technologies are becoming a great asset among many fields of work, and we are thrilled to begin implementing the PLI Indago throughout our network of member agencies; it truly is a technology that will aid us in successfully achieving our mission of bringing loved ones home,” states Gene Saunders, founder and CEO of PLI.

DARTdrones (which recently inked a deal on ABC’s Shark Tank) is a UAV training provider. Founded in 2014, the company offers custom, on-site instruction, as well as regularly scheduled training in 40-plus cities nationwide.

“DARTdrones is proud to partner with Project Lifesaver, the Gold Standard in Special Needs Search & Rescue,” says Abby Speicher, founder and CEO of DARTdrones. “We are thrilled about the opportunity to work with an esteemed organization that shares our commitment to innovation and excellence in aviation.”

Through the partnership, PLI member agencies seeking to implement the PLI Indago UAV will be enrolled in DARTdrones’ online Part 107 drone pilot test prep course, whose cost will be included in the $7,500 training fee incurred by the member agency to become certified to pilot the PLI Indago during a search mission.

The course includes extensive, video-based training curriculum, a 45-plus-page student guide, over 300 practice test questions, advanced learning management technology and access to DARTdrones’ chief pilot for any questions. According to the companies, completion of the course will ensure PLI member agencies in the process of implementing the PLI Indago UAV are best prepared to pass the FAA certification and excel in their position as a certified Project Lifesaver drone pilot.


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