X-naut Creates iPad Overheating Solution for Consumer Drone Market

X-naut, developer of an iPad overheating solution, has entered the consumer drone market by launching a drone controller bracket compatible with DJI Phantom and Inspire mobile device holders.

The company says its flagship product, an active cooling mount for iPads in extreme heat, was designed, tested and approved by the aviation market. However, other business segments are emerging that must use iPads in extreme temperatures, according to X-naut.

“The drone market is growing, and certain business services require that drone pilots work in 90-plus-[degree] temperatures for an extended amount of time on mission-critical tasks,” says Darren Saravis, CEO of the company. “With the adoption of iPads and applications as top tools for drone pilots, we had to develop a solution that allowed drone pilots to fly with the peace of mind that their iPads would not overheat.”

According to the company, the drone controller bracket attaches to the back of X-naut’s active cooling mount for iPads and then slides into the mobile device holder. The unit will keep an iPad cool for 15 hours continuously (via AA batteries or external charging via micro USB), X-naut claims.

The product features a molded, vented case and built-in cooling fans that direct airflow over the back of the iPad. It is available for the iPad Air/Pro 9.7” for $199.99 and the iPad Mini for $179.99.

X_naut_Active_Cooling_Mount_for_iPads-1-1024x605 X-naut Creates iPad Overheating Solution for Consumer Drone Market


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