Yuneec Introduces the H520 Six-Rotor UAV

Yuneec International has unveiled a new commercial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the H520 hexacopter.

A 360-degree, three-axis gimbal, coupled with retractable landing gear, offers unobstructed camera views, says Yuneec. In addition, the camera and gimbal are capable of a 20-degree up-angle for certain types of inspections.

Yuneec will offer three camera options, including the CGO-3+; the CGO-ET dual thermal-RGB camera, suited for law enforcement, search and rescue, and solar inspections; and the CGO-CI seven-element, inspection-ready camera, which targets the broadcast, cinema and vertical inspection markets.

“With its suite of advanced features, the H520 is dependable, reliable and capable of fulfilling virtually any commercial need,” says Yu Tian, Yuneec’s CEO and chief information officer. He notes that the company’s drones also feature “intelligent obstacle navigation” via Intel’s RealSense technology.

The H520 comes with an Android-based ST16 controller, which has a seven-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for real-time video reception and an HDMI uplink for distribution to external monitors. The UAV also includes safety features such as geo-fencing, variable speed control and return to home, as well as high-visibility, “hazard orange” fuselage and a six-rotor design capable of emergency flights with only five rotors.

Yuneec plans to launch a software developer kit (SDK) platform in the second quarter of this year. The SDK will allow third parties to develop applications and services for the H520 platform.

Yuneec says the H520 will be available in the second quarter of this year. Prices will range from $2,499-$4,499.


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