Yuneec Debuts New Typhoon, Enters Fixed-Wing and Racing Drone Markets

Entering the fixed-wing and racing drone markets, Yuneec International has unveiled the Firebird FPV and HD Racer unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as introduced the latest model of its Typhoon platform.

According to Yuneec, Firebird FPV provides an immersive outdoor flight experience, allowing a first-person view (FPV) for the pilot. Because of the lightweight, fixed-wing design, the drone offers a flight time of 30 minutes, the company says.

Featuring an easy-to-fly design, the aircraft offers safety mode, making it impossible to descend below the set floor altitude, as well as return home, geofencing and auto landing capabilities, says Yuneec. Slated to be available in the first half of this year, the Firebird FPV will retail for $699.99.

The HD Racer, Yuneec’s first racing drone, fits in the palm of the user’s hand and offers protected blades, making it suitable to fly indoors. With built-in flight stabilization – with beginner and advanced modes – the UAV is suited for pilots of all skill levels, according to Yuneec.

The company says pilots can navigate through obstacles with an optimized, all-digital, low-latency HD video downlink. Additionally, pilots can record and share their racing moments in high-resolution 1080p at 60fps. If pilots do catch an obstacle, flip-up mode automatically uprights the downed drone. Available in the second half of this year, the HD Racer will retail for $179.99.

“We take great pride in addressing what our customers desire in drone technology to ensure each evolution in our product line pushes brand and industry standards,” comments Wenyan Jiang, chairwoman and co-founder of Yuneec International. “The entrance into the fixed-wing and racing categories provides an opportunity for pilots and enthusiasts to use Yuneec products in fun, new ways and expand their creative possibilities.”

Lastly, the new Typhoon H Plus, the second generation of the Typhoon H, features Yuneec’s new, larger six-rotor airframe. Yuneec says the aircraft offers a 40% reduction in noise from previous hexacopter models, as well as stable flight in winds up to 30 mph.

typhoon Yuneec Debuts New Typhoon, Enters Fixed-Wing and Racing Drone Markets

The Typhoon H Plus is equipped with a high-aperture, one-inch-sensor camera capable of 20 mp stills and 4K resolution video at 60fps. The new model also boasts an improved low-light performance over previous models. Furthermore, a continuous-rotation gimbal – combined with retractable landing gear – provides 360-degree, unobstructed views, explains Yuneec.

The drone also comes equipped with Intel RealSense technology, a collision avoidance-system that detects obstacles and intelligently navigates around them. Additionally, the Typhoon H Plus is accompanied by a newly redesigned, Android-based ST16S controller, which includes a large, high-brightness, seven-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for real-time video reception.

Expected to be available in the first half of this year, the Typhoon H Plus will retail for $1,799.99


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