With 3DR DroneKit, New App to Automate Aerial Reporting

IMSI/Design, a provider of mobile solutions for engineering and construction, is creating what it says is the first automated aerial reporting app for drones.

Called TurboSite, the app implements 3D Robotics' DroneKit, which provides interfaces for mobile applications to control 3DR-powered vehicles built using the open-source ArduPilot flight control software.

‘There's up to 2.5 hours of aerial report creation for every 15 minutes of flight time,’ says Royal Farros, CEO of IMSI/Design. ‘TurboSite Drone will do away with that, making aerial report creation and distribution one-button simple.’

According to the company, users can set waypoints in advance of a flight. Doing so autonomously pilots a 3DR-powered vehicle to precise GPS coordinates and allows users to take photos, video, dictations and notes at those spots, as well as assign punch-list action items for future follow-up.

Using markup and measurement tools, operators can annotate photos even while the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is still airborne. A custom PDF can be automatically generated and distributed to everyone on the design team before the UAV lands, the company explains.

‘We created DroneKit to get innovative software companies like IMSI/Design in the air,’ adds Brandon Basso, vice president of software engineering for 3D Robotics. ‘The app work they are doing with our newly released SDK will help expand UAV usage in groundbreaking ways.’

IMSI/Design expects TurboSite Drone Pro, Drone Plus and Drone Standard to be available in the third quarter.


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