University of Houston’s Annual Disaster Conference to Offer UAS Talk

Houston-based AeroLift eXpress will be speaking on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) at this year’s Hurricanes, Major Disasters, Coastal Protection, and Rapid Recovery Conference at the University of Houston.

The conference, scheduled to take place Aug. 15, is presented to update the public, emergency managers and others who play a critical role in hurricane and other disaster preparedness roles. Presentations include preparedness, loss mitigation, evacuation, coastal protection, transportation issues, rapid recovery and new technologies that could influence daily municipal operations.

AeroLift’s presentation will include descriptions of its military-grade UAS technology and the advantages it offers over manned aircraft during the critical hours following a hurricane strike or other disaster. AeroLift is a joint venture partner of Valmie Resources, a Section 333 exemption holder for commercial drone usage.

The annual event is sponsored by the Texas Hurricane Center for Innovative Technology and members of the University of Houston’s civil, environmental and industrial engineering departments.


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