‘Unique Insurance Solution’ for Drones Launching in Canada


1034_drone_lots_of_empty_space 'Unique Insurance Solution' for Drones Launching in CanadaGlobal Aerospace, a London-headquartered provider of aerospace insurance, has entered into a partnership with Zurich Canada to provide unmanned aerial systems (UAS) underwriting expertise and risk management support to Zurich's customers in Canada.

Zurich Canada, a property and casualty insurer, will launch a new drone insurance package, enabling customers to close an important coverage gap for companies already making use of UAS in their operations. Although the program will initially be rolled out in Canada, it may be expanded globally as the partnership develops.

“With the rapid growth of UAS applications around the world, this partnership has the potential to expand rapidly,” says Nick Brown, group chief executive of Global Aerospace Underwriting Managers Ltd.

Through the partnership, Zurich will be well positioned to offer UAS coverage to a large number of industry sectors that have identified applications for drones, including agriculture, energy and communications.

Global Aerospace will provide guidance in the areas of underwriting, risk management and safety assurance. Zurich’s customers will now have access to a risk-transfer solution, along with access to Global Aerospace’s SM4 safety training tools and information for drone operators.

“Zurich’s customers in Canada will be the first ones around the world to have access to this unique insurance solution, thanks to the sophisticated regulatory environment governing the use of drones in Canada,” says Urs Uhlmann, CEO of Zurich Global Corporate Canada and leader for Zurich’s drones program in Canada.

“We see great potential for drones to reduce risk for workers by taking over dangerous tasks, among many other applications. Zurich’s drone insurance package will allow our customers to seize that potential,” Uhlmann adds.

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