Underway Technology: End-to-End Cloud Platform for Unmanned Vehicles

Valmie Resources Inc. says it is developing a new end-to-end cloud platform, AIMD (autonomous intelligence for mobile devices), which will help users manage and control independent mobilized devices with a unique set of data services.

This new platform, currently in development, will have the capability to take drones and other unmanned vehicles to another, even smarter level, according to the company.

“Valmie is creating a powerful and feature-rich modular platform for enhancing the connection between many types of unmanned vehicles, including drones, and other smart systems,” says Gerald B. Hammack, president and CEO of Valmie Resources.

The difference between AIMD and other systems will be its improved ability to act on real-time operational intelligence and effective workflow – accessible anywhere, anytime, says Valmie.

The AIMD platform will collect data from the unmanned vehicle’s independent controller units back to a cloud-based modular resource network for aggregation and analysis. The platform will determine intervention thresholds, quickly route pre-determined responses, communicate critical information to the operator and, in some cases, deploy solutions in real time.

“Valmie is looking ahead and concentrating on technology that will be in demand tomorrow. It is clear that UAVs and other robotic devices are a key growth trend that will not only impact countless industries but also our total economy,” adds Hammack.


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