U.K. Police Officers to Evaluate Effectiveness of UAS Operations

A U.K. police force is testing the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) as a means to assist officers.

Police in Sussex will deploy an Aeryon Skyranger system for the first time later this month around Gatwick Airport to transmit live images to officers on the ground, according to an article by The Argus.

If the trial proves successful, the UAS could be used to assess road accidents, find wanted or missing people, and assist during situations where officers or the public would be at risk. Officers will use a portable console to control the aircraft from up to 500 meters away, keeping the UAS within line of sight.

The Sussex police and crime commissioner cites cost-effectiveness and quick deployability compared to manned aircraft as reasons for employing the UAS.

The Association of Chief Police Officers is funding the trial.

The full Argus article can be found here.


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