UAVs Come to Nationwide Network of Field Inspectors

    BetterView, a platform and service provider for capturing and analyzing data from drones, has partnered with CIS Group to provide its national network of field inspectors with drone software and services.

    Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, CIS Group is a full-service claim adjusting, underwriting and appraisal services organization serving more than 125 insurers. With inspectors and adjusters in all 50 states, the company has overseen the completion of over 20 million field underwriting and claim transactions since 1996.

    BetterView, founded in late 2014, boasts a network of 4,400-plus drone operators worldwide. The company’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) software platform enables DJI drone operators to capture, organize and analyze data of buildings and property. The platform offers training for new remote pilots, planning flights, capturing and analyzing images, assessing pilot performance, and generating advanced outputs (e.g., orthomosaic maps and 3D models).

    “In today’s competitive insurance industry, there are many unique transactions that require specialized roof imagery and data,” says Ballard Castleman, CEO of CIS Group. “Partnering with BetterView allows us to enhance the roof inspection process for our clients by providing them with the specialized imagery and data they need to make quicker and better decisions.”

    “Customer expectations of insurers have significantly changed over the last few years,” notes David Tobias, chief operating officer and co-founder of BetterView. “Today’s insurance customers expect answers right away due to their experiences with sophisticated companies like Netflix, Amazon and Airbnb. With BetterView’s software and services, we can help CIS field inspectors to improve their inspection workflow, enabling CIS clients to satisfy the demands of their digital consumers.”

    BetterView says its UAV inspections capture an average of 350 roof and property images in approximately 20 minutes. Once the images are captured, deep learning and computer vision systems, aided by roofing and construction experts, analyze the photos and tag 87 common issues.


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