Triangle UAS Offers Plug & Play Module for Enhanced Range, Viewing Capabilities


Triangle UAS LLC, a provider of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) services and technology, has partnered with Andruav to introduce a revolutionary “plug & play” control module that enables MAVlink-based flight controllers to use virtually any type of data connection to deliver unlimited range telemetry and first person viewing (FPV) capability/video streaming capability from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-mounted remote camera.

Based on the Andruav platform, the module provides a comprehensive hardware and software solution that can manage multiple drones and support a tiered-privilege user interface. The module connects via USB, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to any MAVlink-based hardware, enabling the use of any type of data connection to provide unlimited range telemetry.

According to the company, the module is compatible with most flight planning applications, including Mission Planner, Tower, QGround Control, UgCS and custom solutions, enabling remote monitoring and control through any Web browser interface.

“Our control module provides an economical, easy-to-use solution that allows a user to add unlimited range telemetry and first person viewing capability to virtually any UAV anywhere in the world,” says Taylor Kerby, Triangle UAS president. “Users can simply plug the unit into their UAV’s autopilot system and connect to any USB power source. Because our system offers the widest possible range of connection options, it enables a user to fly their UAV from any Internet connection.”

In order to operate out of the line of sight, the user must have authorization from the FAA, explains Kerby.

As reported, the Triangle UAS engineering team, along with Andruav, is available to assist with any custom integration requirements.

The control module gives on-site users the ability to override control from the remote interface and also provides geofencing options to allow users to set restricted zones and location-based alerts.

Triangle UAS partnered with Autonomous Aeronautics to perform proof-of-concept flights outside of Dallas, which ultimately demonstrated the unlimited range telemetry capabilities, FPV features, and plug-and-play operation.

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