TotaLand Integrates Drones into Software for Oil & Gas Clients

TotaLand Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of C.H. Fenstermaker & Associates LLC specializing in software for landmen, is implementing drone technology into its services.

Both entities have been working on integrating drone data-collection methods for oil and gas clients. Fenstermaker is a commercial drone exemption holder from the Federal Aviation Administration.

TotaLand Technologies was founded 10 years ago to provide a software solution to eliminate paperwork for landmen.

“TotaLand has interfaced data output taken from the Fenstermaker drones into TotaLand software. This effort is now in the pre-release staging phase,” comments Alan Day, president of TotaLand and chief information officer of Fenstermaker. “With this new capability, aerial photography will be incorporated so users can view a tract of land using our sophisticated mapping interface. This will provide an up-to-date aerial view of a project and is a value-added service to oil and gas clients.”

Day adds, “Drones are strategic with the upward momentum in oil and gas and will bring leading-edge technology in the field of mapping for landmen. This is just one of many uses we plan for drones within the oil and gas arena.”


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