Total Safety Links Up With Helicopter Company for Expanded UAS Services

Total Safety U.S. Inc., a provider of industrial inspection and integrated safety solutions, has expanded its commercial unmanned aircraft system (UAS) offerings and announced a partnership with Era Group Inc., a helicopter transport operator.

Total Safety says it was one of the first 24 companies approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate UAS commercially. The company initially employed drones to inspect flare stacks, which typically burn in excess of 2,000 degrees F and would have otherwise required an interruption of operations or manned aircraft to enable inspection.

Since that time, Total Safety says, it has expanded its UAS solutions to include additional sensory technology that allows for a wider variety of inspections and site surveys.

Now, by leveraging Era’s offerings, Total Safety will now be able to add expanded flight operations, technology and data processing capabilities to its UAS-based solutions: e.g., for chemical plants, refineries, pipelines, tank batteries, drilling and production sites, midstream facilities, and other industrial and manufacturing environments. In addition, the new alliance will allow UAS to be deployed for post-incident response and disaster-recovery efforts.

Based on the client’s requirements, as well as FAA regulations, Total Safety and Era will assign a two- to three-person flight team to each project. A customized platform will include sensor and software packages for photography and videography, thermal imaging, forward looking infrared for leak detection and repair, light detection and ranging, 3D mapping, geo-referenced or point-cloud modeling, and transfer to CAD-enabled tools.


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