Tiny Video-Encoding Device Can Stream Live Videos from Drones

Seattle-based Streambox Inc., a provider of a video acquisition platform for live and file-based video transport over IP, has revealed the Streambox Drone, a miniature video-encoding device for security and streaming.

The company says the Streambox Drone, which weighs 3 ounces, streams live videos over bonded 3G, 4G, LTE and Wi-Fi networks to the cloud-based Streambox Live Service. Videos are then transcoded in real time and streamed to the Web and mobile devices.

Streambox notes that the video device features an integrated camera and has four hours of battery life. In addition, the device can support an external camera.

For security and surveillance organizations, the company reports that the Streambox Drone can be placed on unmanned aerial vehicles to stream live videos to command and control centers.


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