There’s Already a Law for That: City Councilman Cancels Proposed Drone Ordinance

Citing already existing laws, North Royalton, Ohio, Councilman Dan Langshaw has withdrawn his proposed drone bill that he said would have provided “some basic regulations to help protect residents’ safety and privacy.”

According to a report from Fox 8 Cleveland, Langshaw, responding to residents’ “surveillance concerns,” had proposed legislation to prohibit unmanned aircraft from flying “above or adjacent” to sites including schools and public parks, as well as property owned by the “city, school district, public utilities or other public entities.”

Now, according to a newly issued press release from Langshaw, as a result of discussions among the North Royalton City Council Safety Committee, feedback from residents and assistance from experts in the drone business, the city’s law department conducted a deeper review of North Royalton’s existing ordinances and found that an existing disorderly conduct ordinance could adequately address potential issues related to the misuse of drones over these areas.

In addition, Langshaw says that legislation on the state level “could be on the horizon.” Thus, he says, “It is best to let our representatives in Columbus take on this issue.”


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