The First Data-Analysis App Store for Drones: the Algorithm Marketplace

PrecisionHawk has launched what it says is the first data-analysis app store for the drone industry.

The Algorithm Marketplace, now launched in BETA, provides automated analysis of aerial data acquired by unmanned aircraft. The patent-pending marketplace is part of, PrecisionHawk's drone data platform.

Using sophisticated algorithms, drone operators no longer need a background in geographic information systems (GIS) or remote sensing to interpret their aerial data; instead, the marketplace provides an action-based report to improve management of assets, explains PrecisionHawk.

The BETA launch includes initial algorithms in agriculture, but users can expect solutions to be deployed in the areas of environmental monitoring, energy, insurance and infrastructure assessment.

According to PrecisionHawk, algorithms are being developed to help companies better evaluate change in conditions over time. To support these tools, PrecisionHawk recently acquired Terraserver, an online satellite imagery provider.

“We kept finding that we needed satellite data to create software solutions for the drone industry,” says Stefan Lataille, PrecisionHawk GIS scientist. “Drone platforms need to understand their environment, and Terraserver, with its access to historical and current satellite data, provides the building blocks to create better analysis tools for drone users to identify how the world changes over time.”

The market is open to companies, universities and students to post and monetize their analysis tools at no cost. A share of the revenue generated from every algorithm sale goes back to the partner. Over 40 university and corporate partners, including Texas A&M and Mississippi State University, are providing analysis products for the marketplace.

In addition, algorithm automation tools can be set to private by companies that wish to extract the benefit of automation without sharing any IP with anyone outside their business.


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