Tetracam, Pix4D Align to Improve Farming Through Remote Sensing

503_177340322 Tetracam, Pix4D Align to Improve Farming Through Remote SensingMultispectral camera provider Tetracam and aerial image processing software provider Pix4D have jointly announced a global alliance to improve farming by means of airborne remote sensing.

Tetracam, which is based in California, says its multispectral imaging systems monitor visible and near-infrared radiation reflected from agricultural crops and forestlands to spot threats to vegetation from disease, insects, weeds, water shortages or poor crop management.

Pix4D’s software allows users to convert aerial images taken from manned and unmanned aircraft into two dimensional ortho-mosaics and 3D surface models and point clouds with survey-grade accuracy with centimeter-level precision, the Swiss company says.

According to both companies, Pix4Dmapper enhances Tetracam multispectral images by enabling users to derive NDVI, SAVI and less-common vegetation indices used by plant scientists.

In its partnership with Pix4D, Tetracam has become a Pix4D reseller, offering reduced prices on Tetracam cameras bundled with Pix4Dmapper.

The two companies say they are collaborating on a software integration to allow simple importing of images and seamless production of 2D and 3D ortho-mosaics.

They recently presented for 30 students a three-day workshop that featured instruction on Tetracam cameras and Pix4Dmapper, as well as on remote sensing of vegetation. They have tentatively scheduled another workshop for December.


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