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Ryze Tech, creator of the Tello mini drone, is launching Tello EDU, a programmable unit that expands the aircraft’s educational opportunities.

The Tello drone, launched earlier this year, uses Intel’s vision processing unit and DJI’s flight stabilization technology. According to Ryze Tech, the drone has found its way into classrooms and camps, where it provides a way to learn about physics, engineering and computer programming.

Now, through Tello EDU, users can program the drone with Scratch, Swift and Python, offering options for beginners and more advanced coders. It comes packaged with four mission pads, physical waypoints the drone can recognize and respond to. Tello EDU also allows users to access the video stream data and discover more advanced controls through coding.

Tello EDU is now available worldwide at and and in select Apple retail stores worldwide.

“Tello is an amazing way to get kids energized about learning,” says Drobots’ CEO, Robert Elwood, who has used Tello as part of his company’s STEM summer camps. “It’s safe, affordable and accessible, yet it’s also powerful and fun. As an educator, that’s exactly what you’re looking for. Tello EDU will take things to the next level.”

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Ryze and to see the evolution of the Tello series,” notes Mario Rebello, DJI’s vice president and country manager for North America. “We believe there is a huge opportunity to get more kids interested in science, engineering, technology and math. Drones and robotics let kids mix programming and play.”

Tello EDU retails for $129. The box comes with one drone, two sets of spare propellers, four mission pads, one battery and one USB charging cable.

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