TeAx’s New Thermal/RGB Drone Camera Offers 10x Zoom


German company TeAx Technology recently unveiled its latest product for the thermal drone market: ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom, a lightweight camera with both RGB and thermal sensors.

According to the company, the new camera also offers a 10x visual zoom, as well as a feature to zoom within an overlay (RGB/thermal) in real time. In turn, drone pilots can safely keep a distance from obstacles but still obtain necessarily details.

Thanks to its “single-file approach,” in which all data and information, including RGB sensor data, thermal sensor data and GPS information, are stored in a single file, the camera allows users to reduce the amount of time during post-processing, says TeAx.

According to Michael Thoss, vice president of sales and marketing, users “no longer need to extract and work in two completely different files.”

The camera weighs in at 275 grams and measures 94 x 69 x 51 millimeters. Its thermal sensor is the FLIR Tau 2, and its visual sensor is the TAMROM 1080p.

The company says the ThermalCapture Fusion Zoom is suited for applications such as thermal mapping, security operations and industrial inspections. Its live view comes via analog video (PAL) and HDMI.

Late last year, the company announced the camera’s predecessor, the ThermalCapture Fusion.

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