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Take Two: GoPro’s Karma Drone Returns to the Market

Let’s try that again: GoPro Inc. has announced that its Karma drone is officially back on the market after having been recalled due to...

GoPro Gives the Karma Drone Another Go

After a failed 2016 campaign, GoPro is giving the launch of its drone another shot.According to a new press release from the company, GoPro,...

GoPro Announces Layoffs, Cuts to Operating Expenses

Although citing “solid holiday demand” for its new HERO5 camera in the U.S., the company has announced a restructuring that will include the layoff...

GoPro’s Karma Drone Takes a Hit: All Units Recalled

Uh-oh: GoPro is recalling approximately 2,500 Karma drones, which, in a very small number of cases, lost power during flight, the company says.GoPro’s new...

GoPro’s Karma Drone Makes Official Debut in Consumer UAS World

With the release of its new quadcopter, branded "much more than a drone,” GoPro is finally cementing its spot in unmanned aircraft manufacturing.

Save the Date: GoPro’s Karma Drone is Coming This Month

GoPro is officially establishing a foothold in the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) manufacturing industry on Sept. 19, according to a new teaser video posted...

GoPro Teases its Karma Drone in New Ski-Slope Footage

In the latest tease for its to-be-released Karma unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), GoPro went to the ski slopes in Aspen, Colo., to offer a...

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