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N.D. Test Site Gets OK to Fly UAS at Night, Over 200 Feet

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has expanded airspace and authorized night testing for the Northern Plains unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) test site in Grand...

Quadcopter Goes up 20K Feet to Top of Kilimanjaro

Cheetah Air, a division of Cheetah Software Systems, recently operated its specially built, high-altitude quadcopter to record a team's trek to the summit of...

Drone Films Tower Climber Up 1,500 Feet in South Dakota

Aerial photography and videography provider Prairie Aerial has used an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to capture the mesmerizing view of a man changing the...

Connecticut Lawmakers Aim to Regulate Flights Under 400 Feet

State legislators in Connecticut held a public hearing on Monday regarding a bill that would regulate unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) flights below 400 feet....

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