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Amazon Warns What Could Happen Without FAA Action

Without Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval to move forward with its plans for deliveries by unmanned aerial system (UAS), Amazon will have 'no choice'...

Kanye West: A UAV Could Electrocute My Child

Multimillionaire rapper Kanye West is reportedly not a fan of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In fact, his concerns go above and beyond just privacy....

Students’ UAS Could Save Farmers ‘Staggering’ Amount of Money

High school students in Maryland have created unmanned aerial systems (UAS) that could potentially do wonders in helping farmers control pests. A report from...

UAS Could Help in Search for Missing Malaysian Plane

As the hunt continues for missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, a Kansas State University Salina (K-State Salina) aviation professor says using unmanned aircraft systems...

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