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3DR Wins Federal Contract for Up to 40 Drones

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) has awarded a contract to Berkeley, Calif.-based drone company 3D Robotics (3DR) for up to 40 small...

3DR Launches ‘Getting Serious About Aerial Photography’ E-Book

Berkeley, Calif.-based drone company 3DR has introduced its latest e-book, entitled “Getting Serious About Aerial Photography.”According to 3DR, the resource, available for free download,...

3DR Brings Infrared-Camera Integration to Solo Drone

3D Robotics says the new FLIR-compatible gimbals will bring forth opportunities in businesses such as construction, utilities and agriculture.

Two SP360 4K Cameras on One 3DR Solo Drone Offer 360-Degree Video

Los Angeles-based JK Imaging Ltd., the licensee for KODAK PIXPRO digital cameras and devices, has announced the U.S. availability of the SP360 4K accessory...

A Closer Look at the Brand-New Drone Manufacturers Alliance

Comprising DJI, 3DR, Parrot and GoPro, the D.C.-based group is all about "advocacy and education" for small unmanned aircraft systems.

3DR, DJI, GoPro and Parrot Come Together to Form New Alliance

Three major consumer unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) manufacturers, as well as GoPro, recently left the Small UAV Coalition and have now established their own...

3DR Allows Anyone to 3D Print the IRIS+ Quadcopter

3D Robotics (3DR) has made its IRIS+ drone-design files available for anyone to download, thus allowing users to 3D print the aircraft themselves, the...

Introducing Site Scan: An Aerial Analytics Platform from 3DR, Sony and Autodesk

3D Robotics (3DR) has collaborated with Sony and Autodesk to release Site Scan, a platform that enables 3DR smart drone users to inspect, survey...

3DR Offers Free Instructional eBook for Aerial Photographers

Berkeley, Calif.-based drone company 3DR has released what it says is a free instructional eBook dedicated to aerial photography with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).3DR...

Botlink Brings the Internet to the 3DR Solo Drone

Botlink has created an Internet-connected 3DR Solo drone, which incorporates Botlink’s XRD cellular device - Federal Communications Commission-approved software that allows users to send...

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