Smartphone-Propelled Origami Lifts Off

347_477361169 Smartphone-Propelled Origami Lifts OffA piece of paper has been transformed into a functioning – and extraordinarily lightweight – unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

The Wall Street Journal reports that a North Carolina man attached a plastic propeller and rudder – powered by a battery as small as a dime – to a standard-sized paper airplane and then launched the vehicle into the sky through an app on his smartphone.

The UAV, dubbed the PowerUp 3.0, was created by an Israeli Air Force pilot and a rocket scientist in 2006 before they began a crowdfunding website and received $1.23 million, as of several months ago. The North Carolina man was one of the first testers to receive a $50 kit.

It is yet to be determined if a paper airplane can legally be considered aircraft, but the Federal Aviation Administration told the WSJ in an email that operators should simply “fly safe and have fun” with what the agency calls a “toy.”

The entire Wall Street Journal article can be found here.


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