SkyHOPPER ONE Link Offers Secure Communications for DIY Drones

Mobilicom has released the SkyHopper ONE UAV data link, which allows high-end DIY drone users to equip their aircraft with a secure communication link.

According to the company, DIY drone enthusiasts often use separate solutions for control, telemetry and payload, thereby increasing costs and weight. However, HowSkyHopper ONE is a plug-and-play device that packages all drone communication into a single RF channel. It is compatible with most flight controllers and various types of payloads, Mobilicom says.

Offering broadcast, multicast and unicast transmission modes, the SkyHopper ONE has a range of 1.2 miles. It offers a broadband link to enable real-time HD video and a single link for control, telemetry, and real-time HD video.

Further, the lightweight solution uses proprietary radio technology that finds its way around obstructions to carry a clear and solid radio signal. In addition, the company has added a proprietary encryption mechanism to enhance data security.

SkyHopper ONE is available for purchase online on Amazon in the U.S. and eBay in Israel, the company says.


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