senseFly eBee Becomes Canada’s First Compliant Fixed-Wing UAV


1353_2img_8338 senseFly eBee Becomes Canada's First Compliant Fixed-Wing UAVSwiss drone manufacturer senseFly's eBee has become the first fixed-wing system to be designated a ‘compliant small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)’ by Transport Canada – a distinction that moves entities that use this drone a critical step closer to achieving Compliant Operator status, says senseFly.

Canadian companies that employ drones for civilian applications must hold a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) unless they qualify for an exemption. An SFOC typically features an approved term of one year and applies to a specific region.

However, says senseFly, holding Compliant Operator status on top of an SFOC brings several additional benefits:

  • Greater geographical flexibility (including Canada-wide);
  • A longer SFOC validity period of up to three years;
  • Streamlined SFOC renewals (reducing an operator’s admin); and
  • Priority placement in the SFOC application queue.992_sensefly_ebee_drone_3.21.2014 senseFly eBee Becomes Canada's First Compliant Fixed-Wing UAV

Transport Canada currently recommends that all SFOC applicants work toward becoming Compliant Operators so that their operations can continue smoothly when further regulatory updates are completed, explains senseFly.

One of the key requirements for becoming a Compliant Operator is to employ a system that Transport Canada has designated a “compliant small UAV,” which has now been given to the eBee.

The Aeryon SkyRanger multi-rotor drone from Aeryon Labs recently was the first UAV to achieve compliant status from Transport Canada.

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