Self-Operating Drone Will Be Able to Follow You Around


358_78754099 Self-Operating Drone Will Be Able to Follow You AroundA company is creating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will follow your every move if you want it to.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Squadrone System has raised more than $300,000 (as of June 16) on a fundraising site for its UAV, dubbed the HEXO+, according to a report on Business Insider. Its goal was $50,000.

The HEXO+ tracks the operator's iPhone through an app and a micro air vehicle link and then follows and records video of the person-in-motion at up to 45 mph and from more than 150 feet away. The targeted users are extreme sports riders, such as snowboarders and skateboarders, who would normally have a tougher time getting footage with a standard video camera.

The price tag for the pre-constructed UAV, excluding the camera, will be set at $600 and will be $300 for a kit.

The Business Insider report can be found here.

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