S.C. Construction Company Tracks Earthmoving With Drone Solutions

drone solutions
Identified Technologies' Site IQ software - cut/fill tracking technology

Identified Technologies, a Pittsburgh-based commercial drone solutions company, has partnered with Landmark Construction, a site work contractor in South Carolina.

Through the collaboration, Landmark will have a drone mapping solution to automate tracking of its earthmoving progress. Identified says its integrated software and services include Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 training, licensing, support and hardware maintenance.

“We are proud to support Landmark Construction’s work with our cut/fill tracking and change-detection technology,” says Dick Zhang, CEO of Identified Technologies. “They’re using our Site IQ software for easier, faster cost-reporting; avoiding disagreements on projects; and safely collecting data from hazardous terrain. Accurate progress tracking helps smooth out cash flow and keeps everyone on the same page throughout the project to avoid costly misunderstandings and mistakes. Now as questions arise on the project, stakeholders are using Site IQ as the central point of the truth.”

“Once we started using the software, we were impressed by how it helped us improve internal communication, streamline bidding and fine-tune resource management,” notes Mike Marshall, survey superintendent at Landmark. “Now, we can manage our progress with a single glance, and we can easily capture and validate data when there is a change in site conditions. Then we can go back to the site owner and get paid for it, and we are no longer leaving money on the table. Overall, the product is a win/win for us.”

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