RIT Is Getting an Outdoor, Netted UAS Lab from EagleView’s Pictometry

EagleView Technology Corp., a provider of aerial imagery, data analytics and GIS solutions, says its wholly owned subsidiary, Pictometry International Corp., is developing an outdoor, netted research lab that will allow for sensor research and flight training on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

The lab, measuring 100 x 100 x 50 ft., will be located at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, N.Y., and will be open year-round.

“The netted enclosure lab is an ideal test environment that allows full access to GPS signals that are essential for drone operation,” explains Frank Giuffrida, executive vice president of engineering at EagleView. “It also removes any flight restrictions that are imposed by the [Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)] for operations within the National Airspace System.”

According to EagleView, the lab will allow for the incorporation of important test variables such as the impact of weather conditions on signal processing.

“This lab will allow students and researchers alike to build systems and fly and test them without the burden of researching regulations and safety issues related to open, outdoor drone flights,” adds Giuffrida. “In addition to advancing our research efforts, the lab also provides a great opportunity for RIT students to learn more about UAS technology and the science behind it, such as imaging capture, flight control, and sense and avoidance.”

EagleView says Pictometry has a research-and-development team focused on advancing UAS technology and has been working closely with RIT through the Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research Alliance, which heads the FAA-selected New York UAS test site.


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