PrecisionHawk’s Data Mapper Expanding to More UAVs


615_precision_hawk_logo PrecisionHawk's Data Mapper Expanding to More UAVsRaleigh, N.C.-based aerial data management company Data Mapper says it is expanding its cloud-based platform to ingest data collected by a wider network of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) providers.

According to Data Mapper, the application is designed to process raw data and interpret it into usable information in the form of actionable ortho-rectified, georeferenced mosaics in 3D and GIS-ready formats. Previously, the solution – bootstrapped by the PrecisionHawk team in 2013 – was known under the name PrecisionMapper and could be used only when collecting aerial data with PrecisionHawk’s Lancaster HawkEye Mark III.

The Data Mapper platform is accessible on numerous devices and allows a user to see data in real time – long before a processed orthomosaic is available, the company explains. Post-processing is automated, and users can share processed data across devices or analyze it using algorithms.

‘UAVs are an extremely effective and efficient means for collecting data, but the value of this technology goes far beyond an aircraft,’ comments Andrew Slater, vice president of software development for the company. ‘Data Mapper is a tool designed to close the gap between a service that UAVs provide and the value of that service, which is information delivery to the right person at the right time.’

The company says it has worked with data sets across a variety of industries, including agriculture, oil and gas, emergency response, forestry, and insurance, and will continue to extend its analysis capabilities to different markets. It plans to significantly grow its employee base by hiring geospatial analysts, software engineers and embedded software engineers to work toward a generalized ingestion method for all UAV data in 2015.

Photo courtesy of PrecisionHawk

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