Pix4Dmapper Now Converts UAV Data into 3D PDFs


600_pix4dscreenshot Pix4Dmapper Now Converts UAV Data into 3D PDFsPDF3D, a U.K.-based provider of products for converting data into PDFs, has teamed up with Pix4D, a Swiss provider of image processing software, to offer 3D PDFs for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) data.

The latest release of the Pix4Dmapper integrates the 3D PDF feature, which is suited for ‘users who mostly convert aerial images collected with lightweight UAVs into geo-referenced orthomosaics, surface and terrain models, point clouds, and more,’ explains Christoph Strecha, CEO of Pix4D.

“Adding 3D PDF conversion into Pix4Dmapper allows users to preview GIS data in animated PDFs and to share them easily and quickly with anyone they choose,” he says.

“PDF3D has been developing PDF conversion products for geo-information for the past couple of years, and our two core products, PDF3D ReportGen and PDF3D SDK, now have some of the most powerful Geospatial PDF features available,” adds Ian Curington of PDF3D. “By making these features available to Pix4Dmapper users, we’ll foresee interesting collaborations as the industry continues to look for ways to automate workflows and improve communications on platforms everyone can access for free.”

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