Parrot Using Azimuth Channel Emulator to Test out Drones

To test the performance of its drones in real-world conditions, Parrot has selected Acton, Mass.-based Azimuth Systems Inc.'s ACE MX channel emulator.

ACE MX is part of Azimuth's portfolio of channel and environment emulators purpose-built for testing real-world device-network interactions and their impact on end-user performance.

By creating a controlled and repeatable radio-frequency environment, the ACE MX eliminates many of the challenges associated with testing drones directly in free space: e.g., a lack of control and repeatability, as well as the inability to create specific channel conditions.
1135_azimuth Parrot Using Azimuth Channel Emulator to Test out Drones
While the built-in standard channel models ensure the baseline performance and reliability of the drone, the playback of custom channel models/conditions, including ones from the actual field, opens up the potential for true performance testing, explains Azimuth.

The ability to test drones under field conditions in the lab is also significant in light of the growing constraints and regulations around outdoor testing of drones, the company adds.


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