Panoptes’ Obstacle-Avoidance Technology to Reach Consumer Drones in August


Panoptes Systems Corp., a spin-off of Manassas, Va.-based aerospace vehicle company Aurora Flight Sciences, expects to start shipping its eBumper4 collision-avoidance system for drones next month.

The company's recently developed eBumper4 is designed as a lightweight, retrofit kit that installs in minutes on consumer drones to protect them against collision with objects.
1362_panoptes_2 Panoptes' Obstacle-Avoidance Technology to Reach Consumer Drones in August
Front, lateral and upward sonar sensors detect items up to a distance of 15 feet away and auto-correct the trajectory by bumping the drone away from the approaching obstacle. Panoptes has also added features that make the drone easier to control, including auto-takeoff and an indoor mode.

‘eBumper4 is the first and most affordable obstacle-avoidance product for consumer drones,’ says Elena Micich, Panoptes' vice president of products. ‘It not only has the capability to protect the vehicle, but it also makes it easier to control in tight spaces.’

Panoptes says it expects to start shipping the product in August via the company website and through selected resellers.

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