Paleontologists Turn to UAS for Fossil Research


571_178143000 Paleontologists Turn to UAS for Fossil ResearchIn an ultimate meld of the past and the future, paleontologists at a Canadian museum are using unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for fossil research.

According to a report from CTV News, researchers from Alberta's Royal Tyrrell Museum are deploying UAS and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to collect aerial data over fossil-filled lands.

They then use the data to construct digital maps containing the location of each bone find. The maps are not only for research purposes but also for “public education and for display,” one of the paleontologists told the news agency.

The team has not used UAS to find the fossils themselves: They acknowledge that traditional methods of research – e.g., using shovels to dig up bones – are not going away but that UAS and other advanced technology are complementary to the work.

Read the full CTV News report here.

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