Ohio-Peru UAV Partnership to Facilitate El Niño Disaster Relief

The government of Peru will be using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Akron, Ohio-based manufacturer Event 38 to assist in disaster relief from the anticipated effects of El Niño.

Event 28 partner UAV del Peru will be supplying the aircraft. From its main office in Lima, UAV del Peru specializes in aerial data capture products mainly for the agriculture, construction and surveying industries.

Event 38’s E384 drone has a two-hour flight time, carries a 1 kg payload and can cover a distance of 70 km. Combined with an Event 38 custom optical sensor, the E384 can fly 1,000 acres in a single flight and provide detail imaging at a 2 cm level.

“Scientists say that the current El Niño could be the most powerful on record, and the government of Peru wants to be prepared,” says Juan Bergelund, president of Event 38. “For several months, the government has been in discussions with service providers to support their preparation plans for disaster recovery and relief. Event 38E384-2T Ohio-Peru UAV Partnership to Facilitate El Niño Disaster Relief drones give Peru an affordable, stable and accurate aerial mapping system, and we have the ability to provide local training and support that is second to none.”

Jeff Taylor, CEO of Event 38, adds, “Peru has a very diverse geography, extending from the Pacific coastline to tropical jungles to high mountains. Our drones have been used in all those situations for years and are both reliable and durable. We applaud Peru’s planning foresight to support its residents during El Niño-related weather issues.”


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