Newcastle Opens Texas Manufacturing Division for Unmanned Systems Market

Newcastle has opened a new manufacturing division in Mineral Wells, Texas, to focus on the needs of the unmanned systems market.

The company, located at the Mineral Wells airport, was established in 2002 as a consulting company for the manufacturing, logistics and supply-chain industry and opened a manufacturing business last year.

Travis Kunkel, owner of Newcastle and a graduate of Texas Tech University, has operated the business since its beginnings and spent the last decade consulting and managing projects for manufacturing and supply-chain entities in the U.S.

He has also served as a vice president of manufacturing and sees this as an ideal time to enter into the unmanned systems industry.

“We find ourselves in the middle of what I perceive to be the largest technological and commercial race in decades. This is mixed with an energy and enthusiasm that expects innovation. The unmanned industry is changing our society in permanent ways, especially as it is combined with other emergent technologies and new applications,” says Kunkel, who adds that the facility will focus mainly on the aerospace market for now.

“Our location in Mineral Wells provides an ideal location to begin production for our client base, as it is already home to major guidance systems manufacturers, and the town is also actively pursuing the goal of becoming the hub in North Texas for the unmanned market.

“We have a facility, city and county that lends itself to our needs for production and testing. The fact that we are located close enough to a major city to easily facilitate day travel back and forth between offices or the airports only adds to the advantages,” says Kunkel.


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