Need UAS Training? DARTdrones is Holding Workshops All Over the Country


DARTdrones, a provider of drone training and consulting, has announced four separate workshops on deploying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) for mapping, journalism, search and rescue (SAR), and roof inspections.

DARTdrones, whose founder and CEO, Abby Speicher, grabbed a deal with Mark Cuban on ABC’s “Shark Tank” earlier this year, is rolling out the workshops this fall.

The company is partnering with DroneDeploy for the drone mapping workshop, which will provide a “clear training path” for remote pilots who are interested in offering drone mapping services.

“We’re thrilled to partner with DARTdrones to create a training program for the commercial drone industry,” says Mike Winn, CEO of DroneDeploy. “Our goal is to provide commercial pilots with the training and tools to expand drone mapping into every industry.”

The workshop, Aerial Mapping and Modeling with DroneDeploy, will be offered Sept. 9-10 in Las Vegas; Sept. 30-Oct. 1 in San Francisco; and Nov. 2-3 in Ashburn, Va. The Virginia workshop will be hosted in partnership with the National Transportation Safety Board, which will use the workshop to expand its team of trained drone pilots.

Next, the Drone Journalism Workshop is designed to teach journalists decision-making, how to become UAS pilots and how to secure the necessary waivers to cover newsworthy events.

“What I see as the most important topic for new drone journalists is fully understanding go/no-go decision-making,” says Speicher. “Every drone flight has different risks, and with journalism, you often only have one chance to get the shot. I see our new Drone Journalism Workshop as a specialized way to fully inform journalists about the capabilities of drones and more importantly, knowing when not to fly.”

The workshop will be held Sept. 15-17 in Paramus, N.J.; Oct. 6-8 in Chicago; and Nov. 3-5 in Austin, Texas.

Third, the Rapid Daytime Search and Rescue Workshop is the first in a series of public safety courses being rolled out by DARTdrones. The others will include accident investigation, water rescue, firefighting and advanced SAR, the company says.

The SAR workshop will provide emergency responders with specialized UAS training to find missing persons, as well as offer an opportunity for multiple departments to come together in one space to train and share their expertise with each other.

The event will run Sept. 15-17 in Scranton, Pa.; Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Houston; and Oct. 13-15 in Boston.

Lastly, DARTdrones’ Aerial Roof Inspections Workshop is designed to teach pilots how to conduct advanced aerial roof inspections, as well as keep their crew safe.

“Drones increase safety for roof inspections by augmenting the standard practices of climbing a rooftop,” states DARTdrones instructor Karl Schwab. “Each year, 300 deaths in the U.S. are caused by falls from ladders, and drones can eliminate that risk completely.”

The workshop is running Sept. 23-24 in Dallas; Oct. 14-15 in Chicago; and Nov. 11-12 in San Francisco.

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