MicaSense Unveils Multispectral Camera for Commercial UAVs


986_micasense_rededge MicaSense Unveils Multispectral Camera for Commercial UAVsSeattle-based MicaSense Inc. has introduced its third generation of RedEdge, a multispectral camera optimized for use in commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

RedEdge advances the toolset available to modern growers and agronomists and empowers them to closely monitor and quickly respond to changes in their crops. Weighing 150 grams (5.3 ounces), RedEdge provides scientific-grade imagery across five discrete bands for accurate and repeatable crop health maps, explains MicaSense.

A full-featured host interface enables stand-alone operation, as well as tight integration to any platform. Wi-Fi connectivity allows camera management in the field from any mobile device.

After capturing imagery, MicaSense’s cloud-based processing solutions turn raw data into actionable information. Standardized data outputs also enable post-processing using a number of mapping and GIS applications.

MicaSense is teaming with multiple drone technology companies to provide complete solutions: For example, RedEdge is now integrated into Airware’s commercial platform, and Aerial Technology International has combined RedEdge with its AgBot system. Draganfly Innovations is offering RedEdge tightly integrated with its latest UAV system, the Draganflyer Pro-Ag package.

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