MicaSense Multispectral Camera Comes to Altavian UAVs

Under a new partnership between the two companies, MicaSense is integrating its RedEdge multispectral camera with Altavian’s Nova fixed-wing and Galaxy multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

According to the companies, integrating RedEdge with Altavian’s enterprise-grade drones brings multispectral sensor capabilities to a 90-minute flight that can cover up to 600 acres with an 8-centimeter ground sample distance – all while capturing both RGB and five unique narrow bands.

The MicaSense RedEdge can zero in on five discrete bands simultaneously – thus enabling data outputs such as RGB, NDVI, CIR, GNDVI and NDRE, which can be analyzed and processed from one mission in MicaSense Atlas, a cloud-based data platform.

“Our partnership with Altavian will help empower growers, agronomists and agricultural service providers to easily capture data on a large scale for greater insight into crop health,” states Gabriel Torres, co-founder and CEO of MicaSense.

Altavian says the RedEdge integrates seamlessly with the “highly modular” drones. According to the company, a modular design creates flexible tools for high-quality data collection and outputs.rededge-hand2 MicaSense Multispectral Camera Comes to Altavian UAVs


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