Meridian, Idaho, Police Kick-Start New UAS Program

The Meridian Police Department (MPD) of Idaho has announced its new unmanned aircraft system (UAS) program, which will be used to “support official law enforcement investigations and public safety missions.”

In an announcement to “make the public aware” of the new program, the MPD says its policy will ensure that the drones will be flown in a way that “ensures compliance with the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Idaho,” as well as with the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 rules. In addition, the technology will be used “consistent with all established legal boundaries.”

The drones will be flown during instances such as serious car accidents, searches for criminals who have fled on foot and “other operations that affect the safety of the public.”

“Public safety is our number one priority, and this new program provides another tool for us to keep our community one of the safest in Idaho,” says MPD Chief Jeff Lavey.

Photo courtesy of the Meridian Police Department


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