Martha Stewart Adds UAV Photography to Her Repertoire

409_martha_stewart Martha Stewart Adds UAV Photography to Her RepertoireOne of the most widely known names in the country has joined the world of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs): Martha Stewart. And she has used one to give us a glimpse of part of her multimillion-dollar empire.

Stewart posted on her blog a 31-photo spread of her vast farm in Bedford, N.Y., and the slideshow was taken entirely by a camera on a DJI Phantom, which belongs to and was operated by one of her security personnel.

She writes that because the aircraft was a recent purchase, the operator took advantage of all the open space of her giant farmlands in order to get acquainted with the device. She even took to Twitter to let us know she ‘love[s] the possibilities and opportunities drones offer.’

The aerial photos, each with a caption, begin with a colorful sunrise view near a reservoir and include various angles of what Stewart refers to as her “winter” and “summer” homes and daughter’s home, comprising horse and donkey stables, gardens, carports, greenhouses, and any other perfectly manicured feature you would imagine to be at Martha Stewart’s mansion.

And thanks to the novelty of UAVs, we can see it for ourselves.

The entire blog and slideshow can be found here.


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