Lehmann Aviation Unveils New Version of LA100 Drone


223_la100_drone Lehmann Aviation Unveils New Version of LA100 DroneFrance-based Lehmann Aviation, a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) designed for the commercial and government sectors, has released Version2 of its LA100 drone.

Lehmann notes that the LA100 is a fully automatic personal drone that works with the GoPro camera. The UAS, the company adds, requires no piloting skills whatsoever – all a user has to do is connect the battery, launch the aircraft and wait five minutes for it to come back to the launch site.

The LA100 flies at speeds ranging from 20 km/h to 80 km/h at a range of up to 300 m, Lehmann says. The aircraft can fly in wind speeds of up to 35 km/h and temperatures ranging from 25 degrees C to 60 degrees C. Lehmann adds that the LA100 is primarily made of foam, aluminum and carbon fiber and weighs about 850 g, including a mounted GoPro camera.

According to the company, Version2 of the LA100 comes with two major improvements. First, Lehmann says the aircraft has a Wi-Fi communication interface that enables the use of OperationCenter software for flight preparation and systems check.

In addition, Lehmann reports that the OperationCenter app for Windows Phone 8 is now available in the Windows Phone Store. An upgrade for LA100 Version1 drones is available upon request.

Photo courtesy of Lehmann Aviation

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