Kentucky Governor Claims Drone Flew Over House, Filmed Children

Earlier today, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin claimed through a series of tweets that a drone was flying over his house and filming his children. However, the accused media outlets have denied the allegations.

At 11:35 a.m., Bevin posted on Twitter, “Drones again flying directly over and around my home filming my children.” He then tagged WDRB News, and WAVE 3 News, three news media companies in the Louisville, Ky., area, along with #PeepingTom Loftus, referencing Courier-Journal reporter Tom Loftus, who has been previously blasted by the governor for reporting on “the low purchase price” of Bevin’s mansion, according to a report from The Hill.

In response, says in a report it “does not own or operate drones” and that its being tagged on Twitter was a “false association.” In regards to why Bevin’s house is “being inspected,” the report says the governor may have bought the mansion at a lower price through a “political donor.”

Also via Twitter, Bill Shory, news director at WAVE 3 News, responded, “For the record, Governor, WAVE 3 News has never flown our drone over your house. Today or at any time in the past.”

In turn, the governor called out Barry Fulmer, vice president and news director of WDRB News, for being the one to allegedly fly over his house and film his children. The governor then Tweeted to WDRB News, “At what point does your attempt to fabricate news cross the line? Would jury of peers think filming their children is appropriate?”

Following suit, Fulmer then Tweeted that yes, WDRB was operating the drone, but it was being flown “in accordance to the FAA rules to cover news happening at your home. There is NO video of children.”

bevin Kentucky Governor Claims Drone Flew Over House, Filmed Children


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